Invigorating Coaching – Personality Development

I have never tried this before,
so I’m sure that I can do it!

Astrid Lindgren

You have made a good choice!
The fine dinner, the massage, the weekly workout and much more are things we use to take care of our well-being. That’s all great!

If you want to sustainably improve your quality of life, are stuck at one point, or the same issue has been recurring in your life for months/years, then it’s worth treating yourself to something more sustainable for once.

Whatever moves you, you are here and that usually means the following:

  • You are a person who wants to take time and face your life circumstances
  • You are curious and dare to develop your competences
  • You have searched long enough for feasible solutions to your problem, now you want to find specific ways and become active

Coaching is focused on your personal needs and is result-oriented.

You develop your visions and find ways to implement them. 

In a differentiated and effective process we look at your beliefs and behaviors that are no longer current and we’ll resolve them. 

Subsequently, you develop new beliefs and behaviors that correspond to your current values. This will bring movement into your life and you will become more satisfied, more self-confident, happier.

This individual process is called personality development and can become very emotional. These are exactly the moments when change happens. The prerequisite for sustainable change is always that you get involved in the coaching process. 

Let yourself be surprised by the methodical variety and the resulting opportunities.

Trust in yourself and trust in me.

Coaching Offers

  • Coaching can be booked as individual or couple coaching. 
  • Usually, the coaching takes place online via Zoom. However, there is also the possibility of live coaching.
  • In an initial meeting we determine the goals, the scope of the coaching and the costs. 
  • Depending on the effort and topic, you should expect 8-10 coaching sessions.
  • Depending on your situation, half-day and full day coaching sessions can also be booked. This takes place after individual arrangements.

Coaching is change and movement, it is always work. 
Get out of your comfort zone, into your exciting life! 

Work that invigorates!

Be worth it! It will be invigorating!