Grieving The power of love

This program, specially compiled for mourning, is aimed primarily at people who are stuck in painful grief after the loss of a loved one and are looking for a way back to a happy life.

But grief can also be much more than that.

The loss of a job, divorce, children moving out, the loss of a pet, the loss of belongings and the loss of money. All of these can lead to grief.


Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and the grieving process repeats itself every day? Do you have the feeling that you can’t see any perspective for your life or don’t know how to achieve it?
Do you find everyday tasks and activities difficult and do you feel that you are incapable of acting? Do you feel lonely and isolated despite the people around you? Are you exhausted?

Are you currently living in painful survival mode instead of loving life mode?

Then this program may be just right for you!

The content of the program

The eight-week program can be booked as 1:1 coaching or group coaching.

Topics are

  • Understanding and defining grief.
    Looking at grief from different angles.
  • The different stages of grief and their effects on our physical and mental state
  • Making peace with grief.
    Examining old beliefs and convictions and, if necessary, letting them go and replacing them with new ones. Grieving in love without suffering. The path from grieving in pain to grieving in love. From survival to life.
  • Your future Vision
    What remains from the idea of the future before the loss and what new possibilities arise for the future.
  • Action!
    What are the first steps on the way to the vision of the future? How can we make it sustainable?

What can you expect?

  • You have developed a vision of the future and know the next steps.
  • You have a new emotional and energetic perspective on your grief.
  • You will grieve with more love and less pain.

Next steps

If you now say, this is just right for me, then get in touch with me.
In an initial conversation we will find out whether 1:1 coaching or a course is best for you.

My vision
With my program, I would like to bring people closer to the power of love in the process of grieving and thus make a contribution to the fact that although grieving means dealing with a painful loss, mourning is an expression of love and that is exactly what I want to bring back into your life.
Dealing with grief differently can be the way out of survival mode and into life mode for so many people.

Grieving, the power of love! Be worth it to yourself.