Onlineworkshop Meditation

Meditation is so much more than just calming down for a certain amount of time and there are endless forms of meditation. The positive effects of regular meditation on our physical and mental health have been scientifically proven.

This workshop is aimed at all those who have already had their first experience of meditation but then abandoned it or people who have always wanted to start meditating but have never really dared to do so because

  • it’s only for esoterics
  • it’s so uncomfortable to always sit on the floor with your legs crossed
  • you don’t really believe in it anyway
  • you don’t have time for it
  • something else was always more important

In this online course we will dispel the prejudices about meditation and discover the benefits for our daily lives and our health.
Learn what meditation is all about and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life in a practical and effortless way. In this workshop you will receive information about different meditation techniques, scientific findings about the benefits of meditation and, above all, we will carry out meditations.
In the comfort of your own home, so that you can try it out right where you will be meditating in the future. The exchange of experiences in the group offers the opportunity to learn with and from each other.

As soon as a course is advertised, you will also find it on the usual social media platforms.

“I take it personally!”
Petra Schwab

Course information

This online course will be held via Zoom. You will receive the link by email.

Dates and times: PENDENT

If you are interested in my online meditation workshop, please send me a message by email or WhatsApp.

What you need:

  • the joy of learning something new
  • an undisturbed room (free from family and pets, no telephone etc.)
  • a comfortable seat (not an office chair) and comfortable clothing
  • an eye mask (optional), headphones recommended
  • water to drink
  • Paper and pen
  • PC/laptop with WLAN / Zoom

Registration and costs:

Registration by e-mail with full address and telephone number
CHF 180.- payable before the start of the course. The receipt of payment of the course costs is considered a definitive registration

The data protection conditions and general terms and conditions of PSW apply
This offer has no therapeutic or medical orientation. The responsibility for participation lies entirely with the course participant.