There’s nothing better than seeing customers change!

Petra Schwab

Many thanks to all my clients, for the great trust and openness and joy in their own change and development.

Here is a selection of feedback from my many clients.

Petra asked me the right questions from an unusual perspective. Old thought patterns were cracked and the first concrete, realizable steps suddenly appeared in front of me. Thank you very much, the process is underway…

S.T., Herisau Switzerland

I have to share this recent post as an opportunity with my fallow facebook friends from my own experience and recommend Petra as your coach. (a sharing of a post on fb)
Through personalised coaching, Petra provides valuable insights, practical strategies, and a supportive environment to help you navigate life’s challenges.
Sharing my positive experience with Petra’s coaching has been transformative, boosting my confidence and guiding me towards inner balance. If you’re seeking personal growth and harmony, I strongly advise exploring the chance to team up with Petra and engage in her collaborative approach with you as a team!
Find lightness and empower yourself through results that are outstandingly satisfying.
I did !!

A.E., Australia

Dear Petra

Today is my last day at work, what a great feeling. I am so grateful for this gift that I can now take some time off. I look forward to the unknown and everything unexpected. Life has so much beautiful things to offer.If I hadn’t done the coaching withyou at the beginning of 2023, I wouldn’t be doing so well. Now I can fully benefit from it. Thank you again for everything.

JA, Switzerland

“The coaching of Petra has convinced me. I was impressed that she understood “my topic” in a short time, recognized the problem/issue, empathically and purposefully asked the right questions and set very good impulses. She set a process in motion that is still ongoing, has already taken me further and will continue to do so. A big thank you!”

H.D., Germany

Dear Petra

Your way of coaching me was very convincing. You challenged me, not just “stroked” me. The many good inputs were explained by you understandably and I can implement them well. Thank you very much for the many tips. – I think it was more than worth it!

M.L., Switzerland

Petra knows how to look behind the veil of illusion and help people see the possibilities where they are now. She gains access through her knowledge, professional experience and life experience. She is with you 100%, is empathetic and genuine. She guides you to your truth and I am very grateful for her support. I would love to meet you in person and then say: Hy Petra, I get it

Rosa, Italy

I am doing very well, your coaching has shown me, according to your slogan, my own value. I walk through the world much more self-confident and I was able to realize that I can positively influence the behavior of others through my own behavior. Thank you for your valuable tips and many more satisfied coachees.

B.W, Switzerland

I went on a journey with Petra and she helped me to find the beliefs that prevent me from embodying my greatness. It was an exciting journey because Petra awakens emotions and thus teaches you to discover and live the new you.
She is a very human coach and researcher with an immense space of consciousness and it is also a real aspect that she also tells you about her own experiences. She has taken many leaps into the unknown herself, so she is a fabulous example of the journey from the old self to the new. I trust her and we are always connected.

Cecilia, Italy

Thank you for your great support and asking really uncomfortable questions! You really challenged me and the work was sometimes very exhausting and intense but totally worth it!

M.R., Austria

Dear Petra

As the Women’s Association Appenzellerland, we have already had the pleasure of conducting several courses with Petra Schwab as our instructor. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and competent manner are extremely well received by the participants. She can respond very well to the individual, different people and picks them up exactly where it is needed.
Petra makes every course an experience with her open, creative and uncomplicated manner.
“Woman” is glad she participated.

Hester Ryffel, President Women’s Association Appenzell Ausserrhoden