Business Coaching

One is waiting for the times to change; the other is grabbing it firmly and acts.

Dante Alighieri

Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching or simply Humanity

Whatever you call it, you are visiting my page and that could mean one of the following:

  • You are a person with leadership responsibilities
  • You are curious and eager to advance yourself and your business
  • There are areas in which you would like to improve your leadership skills
  • You have employees who can no longer cope with the stresses of everyday life and you are looking for support
  • You have searched long enough for implementable solutions in leadership issues for your company, now you want to find specific ways and apply them

You and your employees can benefit from the following coaching options:

Coaching for Executives

This coaching style is specifically aimed at you, because you are in leadership and you’d like to make a personal position determination. The following topics could be included in this assessment:

  • My personal leadership style
  • Communication with my employees
  • My personal work-life balance
  • Conflicts within the team and with individual employees
  • My personal perspectives

The coaching is individually adapted to your needs and topics and includes between 6 and 12 coaching sessions.

Coaching for your Employees

It often happens that employees are no longer able to fully cope with the demands of the working environment and life. This has an impact on their performance and consistency in the company.

In the sense of prevention and care, you can offer coaching to your employees. The goal is to analyze the current life situation and to define the reasons for stress caused. Analysis and different approaches are then developed to help improve the situation.

The scope of the coaching depends on the employee’s situation, but includes at least 6 coaching sessions. The arrangement of cost coverage is the responsibility of your company, not the client’s.

Team Coaching

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