Online Workshops – Coaching Groups

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Kurt Lewin

It is always amazing in how many areas of everyday life we reach our limits. Often we feel alone with these issues and ignore them because there is no suitable environment to address them. Many people don’t want to do the effort to attend a course in a nearby city.

Online courses are an amazing alternative. The only thing you need is a stable network, a computer and access to Zoom.

Starting in Spring 2023, I will offer regular workshops and coaching groups.

What’s the difference?

Online Workshops

From the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world, you can participate in my online workshops:

  • one-time or over several weeks at a fixed time
  • there are material/tasks for you to work on in between the calls
  • matching group sizes, so that everyone can have their say
  • there is input/coaching from me and a corresponding exchange in the group
  • even if the topic is challenging, there is always room for humor
  • thematically always close to everyday life, e.g., courage is good, being confident, meditation for beginners, dealing with everyday pressures, how to find my energy again

Coaching Groups

Coaching groups are characterized to meet regularly once a week over a longer period of time (2-3 months depending on the group).

  • They are exclusive groups of max. 8-10 persons.
  • The participants have the clear goal of reorienting their lives. The offer is directed to people who are open to deal with the challenges they are stuck with in life, to get rid of old, no longer relevant behaviors and beliefs and to develop a vision of their future life.
  • The personal development that takes place is emotional and sometimes a roller coaster, but leads to the fact that change is possible.
  • Using a variety of methods, we will work on individual visions. Within the group, a trusting exchange of experiences develops.

Further information can be found here and on social media starting Spring 2023.