About Me

Our head is round so that thinking can change direction

Francis Picabia

I was born in Germany and spent my school and university years in Wiesbaden, where I also gained my first professional experience.

In 1989 I moved to Switzerland with the plan to stay for one or two years. But I stayed! 

More than half of my life I have been living and working in Eastern Switzerland, where I’m rooted and integrated. The charm of the Appenzellerland and its people won’t let me go. 

Well educated*, constantly furthering my education and always learning from life, I have filled my backpack with life and professional experiences. In addition, I was able to accompany my children into adulthood and enjoy life.

Professionally mostly in management positions, I have never made my career dependent on hierarchies. Successes have always come from working together. My strengths and weaknesses, my resources, my family and my environment / network are my capital.

I am unique, have a positive attitude, am a lateral thinker, empathetic and humorous, make mistakes and can always laugh at myself. 

In my work I am a high professional and always looking for good solutions, which are characterized by mutual respect and value – appreciation.

My personality is characterized by humor, boundless thinking, openness, curiosity, interest, empathy, joy in new ways, philanthropy and the conviction that every person can shape their life positively.

I work with methodological approaches such as the St. Gallen Coaching Model, Systemic Coaching, NLP, Theme-Centered Interaction and with my life experience.

Based on the fact that everything we want to achieve is already within us, I have additionally studied quantum science in recent years.

*Education Systemic coach & consultant, adult educator, social worker, businesswoman, further education in areas: social management, leadership training, NLP, addiction, business – leadership, marketing, organization, job coaching

Experience in the areas of management / business management, organization, project management, personnel management, workshop planning and management, concept development, work integration, addiction, psychosomatics, burnout, meditation, energy work, conflict management, gender issues, cooperation with authorities & social and daily allowance insurance, media, social media and through life!

All this and soon 4 decades of coaching experience are an excellent basis. 
But experience shows, that the most important thing is that
I am flexible and open to all the surprises that life brings!