It is not the number of diplomas that is relevant, it is the ability to apply from what has been learned exactly what helps the client on his way. 

Petra Schwab

The variety of my methods is great. This gives us the opportunity to choose the exact tools that can best help you on your way.

Conversation – a trusting conversational setting can help you take the next step.

Meditation and Breath-Work – Through meditation and specific breathing exercises, blockages and anxiety can be released. Both have a health-promoting effect on body and mind.

Humor – You won’t have a coaching session where you haven’t laughed or at least smiled once. Humor is an important ingredient in relieving tension, defusing difficult situations and releasing energy.

Writing – Rewrite your life! You can choose from a variety of writing methods to put thoughts into words, deposit them in one place and retrieve them when needed.

Toolbox – Due to extensive education and training as well as almost 4 decades of professional practice, I have accumulated a lot of tools that I use individually. Thanks to this variety it is possible to offer you a tailored coaching.