Best Friends Coaching

Friends are the people who know all your abysses and love you anyway!

Petra Schwab

This new offer is for friends, BEST FRIENDS!
This will be an amazing time!

Have you often thought that coaching would not be bad to make a lasting change in a challenge in your life, but then did not dare to do it.
Instead you talk over and over again with your best friend about it.

We all have a friend like that and we are that person. That person with whom you share everything, especially the issues that you are stuck with in life, the ones that keep coming up.
We are always there for this person and support them in everything that makes them happy. No topic is excluded, relationship issues, financial crises, raising children, work issues and all kinds of behaviors where we somehow get stuck.
Patiently we listen and give our all and this best friend does exactly the same for us. We are each other’s rock!
Have you ever thought about why you still can’t make any progress at one or the other point? Always the same relationship patterns, always the problems with the children and not to mention the issues at work.

Maybe because you are too close to each other, because you don’t want to hurt the other person with the truth and because you know exactly that friendship is the rock in the surf, but the rock also stands in the sea.
That is why it is worthwhile to get support and best of all TOGETHER!
This is where the BFC Best Friends Coaching comes into play!

For you and your best friend I offer the following
coaching program. Best Friends Coaching

  • 6 x 1.5 hrs coaching together
  • 1x 1.5 hrs individual coaching per person
  • a clearly structured program with a wide variety of methods, tools and materials
    Spread over 6-8 weeks you will work on your very personal theme and thanks to a variety of material you will get access in different ways to why this theme comes up again and again in your life.
  • In the intensive coaching sessions, which last about 1.5 hours, we will have enough time to put the insights and experiences in the right light.

There are four main areas of focus

  • Current situation / current topic
  • Recognizing behavior patterns and their origin
  • Midset change – a new look at what has gone before
  • Reorientation to the topic and implementation in everyday life

The individual coaching serves the very personal deepening around beliefs and behavior patterns.

Advantages of Best Friends Coaching

  • being together with a trusted person in coaching
  • to finally face the issue in a coaching, which you might have done alone only if it would have become a really serious problem
  • to have a contact person between the coaching sessions who understands what you are talking about
  • learn from each other’s development during the coaching process
  • higher intensity than in a coaching group
  • after the program to have a reliable friend who supports you in the further implementation
  • your friendship will definitely reach a higher level
  • cost saving compared to individual coaching

Very important, if not the MOST IMPORTANT, it will be really fun!

How to go on?
You have talked to your friend and you want to change something in your life and go this way together?
Great! Contact me here!contact me