My Approach

To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.

Oscar Wilde

In the center is the human being with his challenges. You determine the possibilities and limits. You already carry the answers within you that you need in order to realize your visions!

The basis of all my actions is, that I do my work as a coach out of conviction and joy. There is nothing more motivating to me, than seeing a client step out of his system and successfully and happily follow his path.

I see myself as a process companion and offer you time, space and the choice of the best methods so that you can take sustainable steps on your path.

Your achievement is essentially depending on you. Your openness and your will power to change are the prerequisites for the success of a coaching session.

I treat my clients with respect and empathy. In my work, seriousness and confidentiality are a matter of course.

The majority of my clients is dealing with topics behind which there are many emotions, like anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, all common emotions in coaching.

Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, humor also finds its way into coaching time and again. According to the motto “Laughter is healthy!”

Essentially, I work according to the systemic approach. The inclusion of all relevant elements is of great importance to me.

I pay special attention to the heart-brain coherence and the approaches from the quantum teachings.

I clearly dissociate myself from any form of medical-therapeutic treatment. Coaching cannot do this. I therefore require that my clients inform me in advance about coaching-relevant illnesses and treatments, especially in the psychotherapeutic field.

In the interest of my client’s health, I take the liberty of informing you if I consider a medical-therapeutic clarification to be useful. If necessary, I reserve the right to terminate the coaching by charging you for the coaching provided so far.

Precisely because coaching is demanding, I maintain an uncomplicated clear approach and communication.

I have a wealth of training, experience and methods, which I combine individually and use as efficiently as possible.